3 Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout Routines

3 Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout Routines


Kettelbell workout or exercises are clearly avoided by most regular gym goers. This may be as it looks weird or it is hard to employ as regular weights. Another reason includes is that your gym may not have them and if your gym lacks this equipment, get moving to new gym.

There are several beginner Kettelbell workouts and the training increased in the last few years in popularity, but there is nothing like fad about this tool.  People are showing interest in this form of weight training, though it is seen as a funny shaped dumbbell, there is chance you have not used it to realize its actual benefits.

Here are three simple exercises that you can incorporate to your routine as substitutions:

3 Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout Routines




3 Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout Routines

  1. KB Overhead Press replacing any other type of Overhead Pressing with a Barbell or Dumbbell

Pick your ketttlebell bringing it close to your body, ensuring your wrist is straight and the bell is in the V position created by your bicep and forearm. Brace your core as though you are going to receive a punch in the stomach. Squeeze the kettelbell handle and drive it overhead.

Rotating your hand in this position implies your palm is far from your body. Ascertain to lock the elbow such that your shoulder is locked. The kettlebell must be slightly behind over the shoulder and not facing your body. keep your core braced and now the hand rotation and movement should reverse reaching the rack position again.

  1. Renegade the Rows replacing a standard 1-Arm DB Row.

With the 1-arm regular row, you position one leg on the bench, while renegade rows demand using entire core keeping your lower back stable and straight. As a beginner Kettlebell workout you can start in front of a bench or a chair thus keeping your feet apart.

Position the kettlebell between your hand on the bench and your feet. Use the other hand and grab the kettlebell, pull the kettlebell up, keep your core braced and bring the kettlebell to your hip. Your back, legs and shoulders must be straight and still, while your arm should be moving.

Your body may feel like twisting up, but control it. Lower the weight and keep everything in its place. Thus your boring exercise has been replaced with a strong core exercise.

Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout




Kettelbell Exercises Replacing Regular Workout

  1. Kettlebell Front Squats replacing regular squats.

This beginner kettlebell workout can be done as a single or double kettlebell starting from squat. They are tough on the core, legs and upper body. Begin with the rack position as instructed before with the overhead press. Brace your core and squeeze tight the KB handle and start your descent.

Push your hips and follow the movement keeping your knees bend. Keep your core muscles braced, spine in neutral and descend as low as possible. Now drive your feet to the floor, lift your chest and extend the starting position. Repetitions required as per your capacity.

Three simple transitions can make your regular training into kettlebell exercises.

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