6 Common Dog Conditions and How to Prevent Them

6 Common Dog Conditions and How to Prevent Them


In this guide, you will learn about 6 common dog conditions and how to prevent them. As a dog owner, it is absolutely essential that you learn the steps that are necessary in order to keep your animal healthy. The following details the most common dog conditions as well as steps that can be taken in order to you to prevent these issues from occurring.

6 Common Dog Conditions and How to Prevent Them

6 Common Dog Conditions and How to Prevent Them

1. Broken Bone – In some instances, your pet may end up in a situation in which one or more of their bones become broken. This is especially common among dogs that wander too close to a road or busy highway. Typically, the vet will insert a pin in the bone surgically and then set the bone for the healing process. You should ensure that your dog is confined to a gated area, or that they are on a leash or chain in order to prevent this type of incident from occurring.

2. Intervertebral Disc Disease – This is the next most common type of issue that can generally occur in dogs that are relatively small in size. These animals often jump to and fro high places. As a result. The discs in the back may become located in a position that is considered to be awkward. Typically, this is considered to be a genetic situation, but you can help prevent complications by providing the animal with comfortable pet furniture, or by constructing a ramp that they can use in order to maneuver from one location to another.

3. Ingesting Foreign Objects – It is important that you watch your dog carefully as they are playing. Sometimes, they may pick up items that are a bit too small for them. This can result in accidental ingestion. You should always look around the around that your pet frequents to ensure that there are no items that can harm them if swallowed in order to prevent this from occurring.

4. Gastric Torsion – This condition can be life-threatening. The stomach distends in a way that is inappropriate and it results in an abnormal position. If you notice any swelling that shows in the abdomen of your pet, immediate care is required. You can help to prevent this condition by providing your pet with can food as well as dry food. In addition to this, you can avoid purchasing dogs that are prone to this particular condition.

5. Cruciate Rupture – When this condition is experienced, it indicates that a ligament in the area of the knee has been ruptured. If you are playing with your animal and find that they are getting worn out, you can prevent this condition by allowing them to rest.

6. Dehydration – This is another common condition that can be prevented in dogs. It occurs when the pet does not have access to fluids. You should ensure that you water your dog at least once to twice a day. You should always check their water bowl to ensure that the water is clean and has not spilled over.

Now that you know the 6 common dog conditions and how to prevent them, you can take the steps necessary to keep your pet healthy.

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