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The Rottweiler

Rottweilers are strong and powerful dogs. They are, by nature, both protective and defensive making, them good guard dogs. Moreover, their intelligent and observant nature makes them keen on danger. Their ferocious nature comes from their history of looking after sheep herds and fighting against thieves and wolves to protect the sheep. Rottweilers have strong personalities. Owners should be strong and have authoritative leadership before the Rottweiler even begins to listen to commands.


Photo: Rottweiler Big Dog Photos. 

Origin & History

The history of Rottweilers spans for thousands of years. They have been utilized by Romans to pull food carts to the legion scattered all throughout the Empire. Because of this, the breed is known to exhibit unusual strength for its size. Cattle herders then utilized the breed to guard their herd. The Rottweilers often had to fight off intruders who tried to steal from the herd. This made the breed protective and fearless in defending its territory. In the late 19th century, German merchants used Rottweilers to guard their money by tying their money pouches around the dogs’ necks.

Details & Specifications

An average male Rottweiler measures around 24 to 27 inches from the withers, while an average female measures around 22 to 25 inches. Males weigh between 95 to 130 pounds and females weigh between 85 to 115 pounds. They have 42 strong teeth with the upper incisors overlapping the lower incisors enabling them to grip tightly onto whatever they have bitten.


Despite the reputation of Rottweilers as fierce animals, they are never aggressive unless provoked. If they feel that their owner or territory is being threatened, they are quick to intimidate. But they will only attack once the danger becomes imminent. However, well-trained Rottweilers can be deadly when they attack. They are prepared to fight for their territory and owner with their own lives. Moreover, their strength makes them difficult to fend off during the attack. Their intelligence and determination make them very efficient guard dogs. They are often utilized in the police and military because of their fearless nature.


Rottweilers are rather easy to train as they are intelligent and they respond well to commands. They thrive on positive reinforcement. At all cost, avoid rough and aggressive response to any unsavory behavior. This may show the animal that such a violent response is acceptable. Always remember that by nature Rottweilers are fierce. So be careful in introducing actions that would trigger its natural ferociousness. The sharp verbal reprimand is recommended, this is to let the dog know who is the master. Rottweilers respect owners whom they feel has an authority and keen leadership.

Caring & Nurturing (Haircut, Fur treatment, washing…)

Rottweilers are average shedders. Their short silky coat requires very little upkeep. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and occasional bathing is recommended.

Common Diseases

Compared with other breeds, Rottweilers are less prone to diseases. However, Rottweilers who get a little exercise and develop obesity have the tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and breathing disorders.

Food, Equipment & Games

Rottweilers should be fed dog food containing no less than 30% protein, 20% fat, and 4% fiber. Meat should be a staple ingredient.

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