And dogs together “Guessing lantern riddles”


Lantern Festival to friends ~ you cannot just think about the delicious food – eat while their brains to guess riddles!

“Guessing lantern riddles” is also called to play riddles, unique rich ethnic style of a civic form, is the Lantern Festival features activities from ancient times began to spread. Every Lunar New Year, each household should hang lanterns, fireworks, and later the hearts softened to the riddle written on slips of paper attached to the colorful lights for persons guess. Riddle can inspire wisdom and cater to the festive atmosphere, so the response of many people, then the puzzle is becoming the Lantern indispensable programs.

And dogs together “Guessing lantern riddles”

And dogs together “Guessing lantern riddles”

The riddles structure is composed of three basic elements, namely the “riddle”, the “mystery eye” and the “mystery”. These three parts are indispensable. “Riddle” is told Riddler conditions, the basis of thinking is also Riddler; it like geometry in the “what if”.

Here are some interesting riddle highlights, abundant experience, you may wish to guess, do not search you can guess a few?

  1. A dog run. —— To play the word
  2. Two gatekeepers dog. —— Guess a word
  3. Entry bark. —— To play the word
  4. Bark half Wen home. —— To play the word
  5. Cats and dogs, like what? —— To play an idiom
  6. Dogs in the cave. —— To play a word
  7. Dog in the world. —— To play a word
  8. You and the dog to stand together —— hit an animal
  9. Paddock hunting Intuit Happy. —— To play an idiom
  10. Hounds before returning to the hunter. —— To fight a common saying
  11. You and Tobago stand together. —— To fight an animal
  12. Humble House death vigil of the police. —— To fight a common saying
  13. What kind of dog has no tail? —— To fight the daily supplies
  14. A puppy, a single-plank bridge is not called! —— To play an idiom
  15. Signs: not before the transfer Xiao Tian wife. —— To play a twister
  16. Fill with earth Millennium taste, memorable ancestral love smelly addiction. —— To play twisters
  17. Dogs, chickens, cats in the endorsement and whoever will be back? —— To fight one kind of snack
  18. Small dog, the hands go. Around and bite. —— Playing an everyday
  19. Hot dog panting, only sheep grazing. —— To play an idiom
  20. feet hairy hands hairy, stand like a man, seated dog, will climb, will go —— to fight an animal

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