Best Baby Pacifier Review

7 Best Baby Pacifier Review – All BPA Free and 100% Safe for baby


Newborn babies have an extreme sucking reflex. They maximum time sucks on their own fingers or their parents’ fingers. Actually, sucking gives them a calming and soothing effect.

Some babies seem very much happy when they suck on a pacifier. Parents can give pacifiers to babies 0-6 months old babies. When they are 2-4 years old, they gradually break this habit. So, today I will show you some of the best baby pacifiers for your newborn babies. Let’s go!

1. Bibs Pacifier

This is the first product of our list. It is a high-quality pacifier for babies recommend by doctors and parents. It is like the natural shape of a mother’s breast. The pacifier comes in Iron and Baby Blue colors.

The pacifier is made in Denmark. Bibs is a very old manufacturing company for forty years. Both parents and babies love this natural shaped rubber pacifier. Babies can feel calm and soothe by sucking this pacifier.

It will be okay for 0-6 months old babies. The size of this pacifier is 6.5 x 3.2 x 2 inches. A newborn baby can even hold this. The weight of it is 0.704 ounces.

Bibs Pacifier

There is a holding ring on this pacifier. On that ring, there is a logo of the company name. In one package it comes with 2 pacifiers. The design of this pacifier is stylish and elegant.


2. Philips AventSoothie Pacifier

Introducing a hospital-grade baby pacifier from Philips Avent. This pacifier is a great use to calm down babies. It is designed by expert pediatrics. It fits very easily with the baby’s mouth without any trouble.

It helps the natural growth of the baby’s gums and teeth. This pacifier is so good that it is distributed in hospitals nationwide. It is free from any bad taste or smell, your baby will happily accept this one.

The pacifier comes in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, or Yellow colors. It won’t get discolor after a certain time. It is made with hospital-grade strong Silicon. The nipple is strong and smooth.

Philips AventSoothie Pacifier

The size of this pacifier is 3 x1 x 3 inches. It is very lightweight(0.634 ounces). It is perfect for 0-3 months old babies. In one package, there are 2 pacifiers. It is absolutely dishwasher safe. Just boil it for 5-6 minutes if you want to clean it.


3. Philips Avent Blue Pacifier

A strong Silicon constructed high-quality pacifier from Philips North America LLC. This pacifier has an outstanding shape that can fit with the baby’s mouth without creating natural growth. This pacifier is for 0-3 months old babies.

This baby pacifier is used by doctors and nurses to calm down newborn babies. The pacifier is designed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The pacifier is made of strong silicon and the nipple is strong and soft.

The pacifier comes with Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow and Green colors. The size of this pacifier is 5.75 x 4.02 x 1.89 inches. It is only  1.44 ounces which means a baby can hold this very easily. It develops the growth of gums and teeth.

Philips Avent Blue Pacifier

Some baby pacifier becomes sticky if babies suck them. This pacifier prevents the nipple to be sticky and discolored. It helps to make the baby asleep by calming him/her down. This is exactly the best pacifier you can choose for your happy baby.


4. Philips Avent Snuggle Holder Pacifier

This is an adorable fluffy plushy elephant with a pacifier. Welcome, this cute pacifier manufactured by Philips North America LLC. First of all, babies will love this pacifier so much. Secondly, this pacifier is filled with the best qualities. Lastly, doctors and pediatricians recommend this one.

This baby pacifier is made of strong silicon yet very soft and flexible. Babies can sleep with the plush elephant and suck the pacifier calmly. Sometimes, parents feel super frustrated to find the little pacifiers, but this one is free from the problem. You will find the plush with the pacifier easily.

The plush toy is very soft and cute. It keeps baby entertained and the baby feels safe. The plush and pacifier can be detachable if you want. You can wash these two separately. Steam the pacifier with boiling water and handwash the toy. You can put the stuffed toy in the washing machine too.

Philips Avent Snuggle Holder Pacifier

The size of this pacifier os 3.23 x 3.23 x 4.72 inches. It is made with strong Silicon. The weight of this pacifier is 3. 28 ounces. It helps to keep the baby calm and satisfied. It is also available in different colors and designs. A perfect pacifier for 0-3 months old babies.


5. NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers

Looking for the best baby pacifier for your kid. Here is a good suggestion for you. The product comes in blue and green color. Every package contains 3 nipples shaped pacifier. The product is made of 100% silicone that is completely safe and hygienic.

Another good thing is it is ultra-lightweight. It is just 1.58 ounces. The dimension of the product is 1.35 x 4 x 6 inches. Besides, the heart-shaped shield helps them in breathing. It also perfectly fits babies.

NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers

The product is appropriate for kids from 0-6 months. It is also compatible with BPA free feature. Always keep the pacifier clean and germ-free. Cleaning the pacifier is also very easy.

Considering everything, this orthodontic pacifier is a very good option for your kid.


6. NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Value Pack

Another NUK series pacifier is here. This pacifier comes in white color containing different types of design. It is a nipple shaped pacifier. The flatter design of the product helps to suck it easily. It is slimmer and narrower than others. Slimmer design reduces pressure on teeth and jaw, the narrower design prevents teeth misalignment.


Every packet contains 3 pacifiers. The dimension of each product is 1.47 x 4 x 6 inches. As it is a lightweight product (1.07 ounces), babies can hold it easily. It is appropriate for kids from 0 to 6 months.

NUK Orthodontic Pacifier Value Pack

The heart-shaped shield fits perfectly under the nose of a baby. The pacifier is made of hygienic silicone as well as BPA free. So, there is no health risk. Cleaning the product is also very simple.

So, the product must be a very good option for your baby.


7. Dr. Brown's HappyPaci 100% Silicone Pacifier

The last product from the is here that comes in blue color. This is a nipple shaped pacifier made of 100% silicone. They have manufactured the product considering all types of health issues. It is BPA, lead, latex, and phthalate-free. It is also completely safe for baby skin.

The weight of the product is just 0.8 ounces. So, your kid will never feel it as a burden. They have used a butterfly-shaped shield for the perfect fit. It won’t disturb the nose and chicks. Your baby will also get enough room for breathing.

Dr. Brown's HappyPaci 100% Silicone Pacifier

Don’t worry about the cleaning system. The top rack of the product is sterilizer and dishwasher safe. The pacifier is also narrower than most other pacifiers. So, there is no chance of teeth misalignment. Ultimately, this pacifier contains all the necessary features.


I have already described 7 best baby pacifiers with proper features. I chose all of them after huge research. Readout the reviews and try to figure out which one goes perfectly with your kids. No worries about safety because all of them are safe for babies.

Hopefully, you will find the best product from this 7 best baby pacifier review.

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