Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTR

Best RC Rock Crawler reviews 2020: You Need To Know About Before You Buy


Remote control cars have always been a huge part of children growing up and they offer so much fun and experiences that one could have outdoors and with friends. The best RC rock crawler is usually not made for children and it is designed for the adult looking to have some fun and get over a few of those tough obstacles.

Since RC rock crawlers are quite intricate and detailed, it might sometimes be daunting to get the right one that’ll help you to enjoy the outdoors and get the most value for your money. This is where we come in and with our expert reviews; you should be able to get the right one for the job in no time.

We decided to look into the top RC rock crawlers and find out exactly why they are so highly rated and what does set them apart from the standard remote control car. In this guide, you will learn exactly what are the most important features you need to consider when you are looking to buy one you will also see which rock crawlers we have chosen for our best rock crawlers that will give you the ultimate value for your money.

Most important features that you should consider before buying your RC rock crawler:

As we have already mentioned, the top-rated RC rock crawlers are quite intricate and it can be hard to get one if you have few experience with it. We have chosen a few of the most important features that we think will make it easier for you to discern between a quality product and a knock-off, or cheaper imitation. Here are the top features that you need to consider when buying a good quality rock crawler:

  • The right scale: RC rock crawlers are available in multiple different scales and you will have the opportunity of choosing any specific one that you need. The 1:10 size is the most common and when you do choose this scale size, you will find that it is much easier to work on as well. There are multiple different scales, which include the 1:4 scale and the 1:5 scale, but your selection might be a little limited when you go about choosing it.
  • Nitro gas or electric: This will be another important factor that you will need to consider when looking for a good RC rock crawler. The nitro gas refers to the fuel of the used by the rock crawler and will be a great option for the advanced controller, with some experience when it comes to internal combustion and the engine as a whole.

The best beginner RC rock crawlers will generally be electrically powered and will certainly be much easier to keep in shape and to maintain until you become more advanced. Replacing the batteries is also much cheaper than the fuel for the nitro gas powered RC rock crawlers.

  • Ready to run or build-it-yourself: Are you into working with your hands and building the entire rock crawler from scratch, then the Build-it-yourself option will be great for you to get deep and dirty into the construction of the model. Beginners should generally look to buy a rock crawler that is ready-to-use out of the box. These rock crawlers are much easier to assemble if assembling is required and you need not worry about having assembling flaws that could cause trouble later on.
  • 4WD or 2WD: While choosing between these two might sometimes become quite challenging if you are mainly concerned about the price. The 4WD is most recommended and this will be for those tough terrains. From time to time, you might get away with the normal 2WD, but you will be limited in terms of areas where you can use it. We do recommend going for the 4WD to ensure that you get greater value for your money in the long term.
  • Brushed or brushless: The brushed motors are generally recommended for the beginners and they are a little quieter, but also less powerful. These motors are generally powered by the standard 7.2 or 8 Volt batteries and they are much easier to control. The brushless motors will give you much more power and speed. This will depend all on the model and they also have much more powerful Li-Polymer batteries. We would recommend these for the more advanced users.

These 5 features are what we consider the most important for you to consider or choose between and they will also give you a better indication of the right type of person the model is designed. If you are a beginner, there will be no use for you to immediately buy an advanced model as this might be too powerful and could ruin your experience.

With that being said, here are the top RC rock crawlers of 2020:

7 Top RC Rock Crawler 2020

Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTRExceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTRCHECK PRICE
Redcat Racing Everest-16 Electric Rock CrawlerMad Torque Rock Crawler Ready to RunCHECK PRICE
Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 CrawlerRedcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 CrawlerCHECK PRICE
Cheerwing 1:18 Rock Crawler RedCheerwing 1:18 Rock CrawlerCHECK PRICE
Coolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock CrawlerCoolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock CrawlerCHECK PRICE
Team Losi Night 2.0 RTR 4WD Rock CrawlerTeam Losi Night 2.0 RTR 4WD Rock CrawlerCHECK PRICE
Costzon 112 2.4G RC Off-Road Racing CarCostzon 1:12 2.4G RC Off-Road Racing CarCHECK PRICE

Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTR

The Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote control Rock Crawler will be one easiest rock crawlers for a beginner to start out with. The rock crawler features a 2.4 GHz transmission to replace the additional weight that is sometimes found in some of the heavier models. The model also includes a center mounted 3-gear transmission and this will make power the last of your concerns when climbing over those rocks.

The entire model has been scaled at 1:10 of the actual size and this will also be the most common size that is generally accepted in most competition. The multi-link suspension is also perfect for the model and will give you that added smoothness when moving between extremely uneven surfaces.

Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTR
Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTR

The model uses a standard 7.2V 1800 mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable battery that’ll make it much cheaper for you in the long terms. This battery can also be wall charged. In terms of pricing, this model is really affordable and will definitely be ideal for the beginners getting into RC rock crawlers. The entire model is also lightweight and very easy to control.


Mad Torque Rock Crawler Ready to Run

The Redcat Racing Everest-16 Electric rock crawler is another high powered rock crawler model that will be perfect for beginners to start out with. This rock crawler is a little smaller and it is designed on a 1:16 scale. The model still features a decent 4WD system and this should be perfect for those trying to tackle those tough terrains.

The rock crawler also includes spring coil shocks and a very flexible suspension for the small size. This will make uneven terrains feel like a breeze and you should not have any troubles getting over those stubborn rocks.  The model includes a 2.4 GHz remote control and this is powered by 8 batteries, which might become expensive over time.

Redcat Racing Everest-16 Electric Rock Crawler

This model is actually really durable with the aluminum chassis and decently designed body.The model comes in a standard black color, but you will also be able to get it in blue if that is your choice. In terms of pricing, the model is really affordable and you will also have it ready for use immediately out of the box. We would also highly recommend this RC rock crawler for beginners thanks to the brushed electric motor that’ll give you more control


Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 Crawler

The Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 crawler is another extremely stylish rock crawler that’ll certainly look great in almost any terrain. The model includes a 4WD motor and the battery has been perfectly placed out of the way to make sure that you are able to climb up almost any steep hill with no troubles at all.

The 4 wheel steering makes this model perfect for the more advanced rock crawler enthusiast and will also give you much more maneuverability to play with. The model features a 7.2V 1800mAh battery and this should be ideal for almost any situation where you might require some additional power.

Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 Crawler

Unfortunately, this model is a little heavier and this might hinder the performance somewhat. We also think that the price is quite reasonable, but there are a few models with a cheaper price tag that will give you almost the same performance. The model also includes an electric brush motor and this will give the less experienced rock crawler enthusiast more control.


Cheerwing 1:18 Rock Crawler

This is another fashionable truck designed to make your little ones happy because it has tons of thrilling features. The four wheel drive makes the truck to tackle various terrains, as well as, obstacles effortlessly.

It has remarkable climbing effect and your kids can use it to climb over objects outdoor and indoor. Furthermore, the sturdy tires make the toy to run smoothly on even and uneven terrains like grassland, rocks, sand land and ground.

Your kids can adjust the toy’s speed depending on the terrain. This beautifully crafted RC car is a great gift for teenagers or kids.

It has cutting-edge crawling technology to let your little ones to play easily on rugged roads or off roads and let the toy to climb over large stones and pebbles without compromising its performance

The big foot tire is anti-skid and wear resistance it also make low noise to let your kids to spend more time having fun both indoor and outdoor

Equipped with rear and front motors that provide resilient force for the toy which is needed for climbing over large stones or pebbles

The front wheel alignment is adjustable and offers fine tuning this will let them to effortlessly use the toy

2.4G radio control system allows your teens to race multiple cars simultaneously without any interference


Coolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock Crawler

The Coolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck rock crawler is a 1:18 scale model and it is also extremely small with many intricate features that make it look and perform great. The car includes 4 wheels that have been installed on an independent suspension and this will make the care extremely flexible and easy to maneuver on those uneven surfaces.

The model also includes 4WD and the wheels have been designed from some of the toughest PVC that you could find on the market today. These tires offer extremely high levels of friction and this will ensure that you do not slip on any of those tough and steep rocks. Should you crash the model, it might be hard to fix, but the parts will be easy to find.

Coolmade RC Car Conqueror Electric RC Truck Rock Crawler

This model is very small and it is also a little fragile. Luckily, the price tag is not all that expensive and we would highly recommend this model for any beginner and even for children to play with as you are controlling your more advanced RC rock crawler. You will also 12-month warrant and this will enable you to test out the durability.


Team Losi Night 2.0 RTR 4WD Rock Crawler

The Team Losi Night 2.0 RTR 4WD Rock Crawler is definitely designed for the more advanced and perhaps even professional rock crawler enthusiasts. The model has been stylishly designed and it is also really durable for those tough terrains. Most of the body has also been covered with a waterproof plastic and this will keep the internal components safe is you should go through those puddles.

The model also includes oversized shocks and this will make it much easier for you when climbing those tough obstacles. You will be able to use one of two battery types in the model as well, the 7.2V Ni-MH or the 7.4V Li-Polymer battery pack. Both will come with the chargers already included and should give you some excellent torque.

Team Losi Night 2.0 RTR 4WD Rock Crawler

In terms of pricing, the model is quite expensive, and if you are looking for quality, you should certainly be willing to buy this model. The RC rock crawler will give you multiple years of fun and the 1:10 scale also gives you some decent size and makes it easier for you to make adjustments when needed.


Costzon 1:12 2.4G RC Off-Road Racing Car

Last but certainly not least, we have the Costzon 1:12 2.4G RC Off-Road Racing car. If you are looking for speed and decent performance, this model should be perfect for you. The model includes an independent suspension frame and this will give it great versatility when it comes to different terrains.

The model features a 7.4V 1500mAh motor and this will give you some decent power and speed. On a straight surface, the car should have a top speed of around 30mph and this will also be converted into power when you are looking to get up a few of those extremely steep hills. The 540 brushed electric motor will also give you overall control and make the model much easier for you to control.

Costzon 112 2.4G RC Off-Road Racing Car

This 1:12 scale model is also quite affordable and you will definitely get some great value for your money when you are investing in it. We would highly recommend this model for those speed enthusiasts and anyone looking to get into the world of RC rock climbers.


Additional option:

We have decided to include this additional model into our list and this model is actually rated as one of the best rock climber RC models that you could find. The Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler is one of the more versatile and affordable models that you can find on the market today. Redcat has always been known for the quality of their products and this 1:10 scale brush electric motor model, will give you virtually all the control you need to get ready for the sport.


Final Thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to find the ideal RC rock crawler for your needs. We would like to recommend the Redcat brand for the value they provide and the quality of their crawlers. The parts are also much more available than some of the other models on the list.

If you think we might have missed any of your favorite brands or even RC rock crawlers, please let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to look.

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