Bloodhound St. Hubert Hound


Bloodhound Belgian origin, alias St. • Hubert hound (st.hubert hound), is the world’s oldest species and the purest blood scent hounds are one of the largest sizes. When the eighth century, was raised in Belgium as a hunting dog to dog the name of St. Huett known. St Hugh special pet dog by the French royal family, 1066, by King William to England, after several centuries, the British improved varieties, resulting in today’s Bloodhound.

The indomitable sense of smell amazing tracking ability, a proven fact that even the smell of more than 14 days can also be traced. And to create a continuous track record of 220 km odor. Found evidence that it has as evidence in court.

BloodhoundSt. Hubert Hound

Bloodhound St. Hubert Hound

Bloodhound gentle and good character, physically attractive, physically very good, very sensitive sense of smell and large ears and long, nerve wrinkled, much like the old man suffered a lot. Therefore, in recent years are often in a variety of media appearances, and its melancholy eyes, shy personality, pretty well to seize the audience’s feeling deep down sense of pity.

In character, it is love, not bickering and companions do not quarrel with other dogs. It is the nature of some timid, kind, and blames the master equally sensitive. Noble and dignified expression, showing a serious, wise and powerful feature, introverted personality, conservative, gentle, kind, dignified and easy well thought out.

Residence usually quiet and submissive when indoors, along with the loyal and good man. Began tracking prey, are not hear any sound. In obedience, the Bloodhound learn quickly, but unless it is taught like this type of work, or there may be some stubborn. In recent years, an increasing number of companion dogs

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