Best Commercial Mop Handle Reviews

Best Commercial Mop Handle Reviews 2020


I can’t live with dirt and stains, especially when they’re on my office floor. Sometimes, I can’t even wait for the janitor’s arrival. One day, I was trying to remove some scuffs. They seemed too unwilling to go, no matter how hard I had pushed. Eventually, I ended up with a broken handle.

First, I blamed the stains, but then, I realized the handle wasn’t exactly ready to serve such a high-traffic area. All I needed was a commercial-grade handle! Eventually, I came across the idea of getting the best commercial mop handle.

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What Is Commercial Mop Handle?

A commercial mop handle is the one designed for offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, shops, and other corporate buildings. These handles are ideal for areas with a large volume of foot traffic.

Types of Mop Handles

Two types of mop handles are available, such as,

  • Handles with frames: A couple of styles are popular.

              Quick release handle:These handles are suitable for narrow headband mops.

               Jaw style: These handles are good for wide headband mop.

  • Telescopic handles (poles without frames): You can press or screw these handles into different frames and heads to extend and retract as you need.

How Long Is a Mop Handle?

Mop handles come in different measurements based on the diameter, length, and width. A basic handle can be 45-inch long whereas higher end versions may run up to 70 inches. Telescopic items allow some adjustments.

The comfort, durability, and flexibility that a mop handle offers depend on several factors like the adjustable length, material, and styles.

Mop Handles Buying Guide

Choosing the best commercial mop handle will be easy once you understand the following factors.

Frame and Compatibility

Both framed and frameless handles have their benefits and limitations.

Mop handles with frames leave you little to no scope for customization since they often come with recommendations for specific types and sizes of mops. However, extensions are also available to help you get a longer handle. These products more affordable than one without frame since you need to pay for the mop only.

On the contrary, frameless or telescopic handles allow some customization as long as you’re using the recommended mop since there’s no specific frame to restrict your choices. You can enjoy extended reach with these handles because they may run up to 70 inches or more. Keeping them in store is easy as the handle is retractable.

Don’t ignore compatibility because a wrong frame or incorrect size of the head won’t help. The majority of mop handles come with specific instructions regarding the mop style and head or frame. Only a few handles can be free of these restrictions.

Length and Width

Length matters because all users don’t have the same height and some office setups can be too hard for your handle to reach. Anything above 55 inches should be enough.

The width of a handle affects your experience. If the diameter is anywhere between 1-to-1.50 inches, it should be appropriate for most users. Handles with a larger diameter may cause discomfort to those with smaller hands.


Mop handles come in different materials like aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, and wood.

  • Aluminum handles last longer than others but can be a little bit pricier.
  • Wooden handles are durable but heavy and require regular maintenance.
  • Plastic handles may break under much pressure. So, be careful while using one.
  • An excellent choice for commercial uses, a fiberglass handle lasts long but can be expensive.


Colors don’t matter when you choose a wooden mop handle. For other materials, you may stick to the rules below.

  • Blue is a wonderful choice for offices, clinics, shopping malls, etc.
  • Red is good for toilets, urinals, etc.
  • Yellow is fine for gyms, labs, and service centers.
  • Green can be chosen for kitchens.

Rubbermaid Commercial 54″-66″ Ergonomic Wet Mop Handle

The ergonomic handle has a bent grip that swivels up to 360° in all directions. It makes the cleaning comfortable without causing wrist strains. The 54-inch handle is extendable up to 66 inches depending on your height.

The handle fits mops that have 1-inch headbands. The gate snaps open without a problem. So, inserting the head isn’t difficult. Look at the mop clamp, and you’ll find an adjustment knob in its middle. You need to back the plastic nut off to insert the head.

The aluminum head includes a side gate to maintain a good ratio of the weight it takes with the mop and the force (strength) you apply. Weighing only 1.54 lbs., it is ideal for use in offices and other commercial spaces.

Rubbermaid Commercial 54″-66″ Ergonomic Wet Mop Handle
Rubbermaid Commercial 54″-66″ Ergonomic Wet Mop Handle

Rubbermaid Commercial FGU110000000 Wedge Mop Wood Handle

Because of its special frame design, this wood handle works only with two specific products, such as Kut-A-Way® and Trapper® mop heads. It may seem like a limitation.

But, the rugged wooden construction with sturdy metal frame compensates well by lending the handle a slick look yet strong build that doesn’t bend or break without years of good service.

Built with environmentally friendly materials, Rubbermaid Commercial FGU110000000 lets you clean tight spaces and corners behind or under your furniture and appliances.

Its length being 64 inches is good enough to reach further down large equipment or electronic units. Its width being 2.75 inches feels easy under your palm making it a reliable moping tool for any office or corporate building.

Rubbermaid Commercial FGU110000000 Wedge Mop Wood Handle
Rubbermaid Commercial FGU110000000 Wedge Mop Wood Handle

O-Cedar Telescopic Replacement Handle

This telescopic mop handle isn’t compatible with just about any mop or broom head. Only the ones from O-Cedar are good for use. But, avoid choosing the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop as it won’t fit.

The length of the handle is only 32 inches, but you can extend it up to 56 inches. The gap between its normal and extended state gives you the required versatility you need while cleaning the hard-to-reach areas in your office.

The retractable handle uses steel which makes it a durable cleaning component that feels sturdy under the palm and lasts for years. Choose any of the O-Cedar dust, microfiber, smart, or flip mops, or any broom and attach the handle securely for easy and fast cleaning.

O-Cedar Telescopic Replacement Handle
O-Cedar Telescopic Replacement Handle

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle

With all the benefits of a telescopic mop handle, this one works great for a longer period. Thanks to its fiberglass construction that protects it from corrosion and gives it a fair ratio in terms of strength and weight!

This mop handle is technically advanced with its spring-loaded clip and sliding collar. You can use the clip to attach a dust mop to the aluminum snap-on frame. Use the collar to lock your handle into the desired position or swivel it to a 360° direction.

The length is 60 inches that should be good for commercial applications. A mix of black and grey gives the snap-on handle a professional look. Keeping it clean requires you only a little effort.

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle
Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle

Boardwalk BWK605 Quick Change Metal Head Mop Handle

It’s another wooden handle to let you use a wide variety of wet mops with heads #20 and up. The 54-inch handle has 1.13 inches in diameter. You would expect additional inches in length, but it still serves great.

Its metal frame is quite a piece of work. There’s a quick release bar that allows for easy loading. The bar is also called a swing-away style, known for allowing fast loading of mops. Choose the narrow headband mops for best results.

The handle itself is made of wood with a lacquered finish that enhances not only the appearance but also its durability. Moreover, you won’t feel uncomfortable holding it by your hand.

Boardwalk BWK605 Quick Change Metal Head Mop Handle
Boardwalk BWK605 Quick Change Metal Head Mop Handle

Amazon Basics 60 Inch Commercial Jaw Mop Handle

You might confuse this jaw style handle with Rubbermaid Ergonomic Wet Mop Handle. But, this one has a straightforward design consisting of a 60-inch long metal handle with a carefully engineered mop holder.

The frame has a thumb wheel in its center. Screw it clockwise to get the center bar up and release the head. Screw it anticlockwise to send the bar down to clamp the mop head. Don’t forget about the side gate. It helps too. So, it’s only a matter of seconds before you start cleaning with a new mop.

The handle is useful for any type of floor cleaning jobs in commercial establishments. Unlike most handles, this handle comes with one-year warranty.

AmazonBasics 60 Inch Commercial Jaw Mop Handle

Mr. Clean 446390 Heavy Duty Roller Mop

This roller mop does more than just mopping. The manufacturer recommends it for both tile and vinyl flooring (without wax).

The vinyl plastic handle contains two distinguished sections, such as the sponge covers and a scrubber side. The first one lets you clean more of the floor surface at a time while the second one enables you to get rid of the floor scuffs.

The wringing level works in a ‘twist and compress’ principle and lets you keep the hands clean even after cleaning. In addition, it takes one only a minute to replace the mop head.

Underneath the roller mop are two screws. Unscrew them and bring the head out of the tracks. Place your new mop head on the tracks and reinsert the screws. Tighten as much required. It’s ready!

Mr. Clean 446390 Heavy Duty Roller Mop
Mr. Clean 446390 Heavy Duty Roller Mop

Alpine Industries Commercial Quick-Change Iron Mop Handle

With fewer limitations than most other mop handles, this iron metal product presents an affordable and efficient sanitation tool that may not bend, stretch, or stoop too easily.

Its flexible side lever allows quick changes of heads. The frame is compatible with both narrow and wideband mop heads making it an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial uses.

The 55-inch handle easily reaches remote areas in your office room. Whether it’s beside a large piece of equipment or in between a line of several items, give it a try with looped, microfiber, or string mops. The built-in hole adds to your convenience as you want to hang it.

Alpine Industries Commercial Quick-Change Iron Mop Handle
Alpine Industries Commercial Quick-Change Iron Mop Handle

Carlisle 363367000 Aluminum Flat Mop Telescopic Handle

Here, you see another telescopic handle with promises to handle both dry and wet mopping actions. It’s compatible with three particular flat mop heads of Carlisle measuring 18″, 24″, and 36″. So, you can choose any of the sizes according to your cleaning needs.

The aluminum body features nonporous surface and ensures prolonged durability while remaining lightweight to give you comfort while working with it.

A handle that is not extended can go for 43 inches. Stretch it to reach up to 70 inches. Just a little amount of ‘turning’ force will do the trick. The hole at the top of the handle lets you hang on a wall using a nail.

Carlisle 363367000 Aluminum Flat Mop Telescopic Handle
Carlisle 363367000 Aluminum Flat Mop Telescopic Handle

Remember that your goal is to find a mop handle that doesn’t break too easily and cause you wrist pain. Some say aluminum comes first while others say longer handles are good. You know what makes a handle better than others.

Can’t you now choose the best commercial mop handle? It should become easy, but don’t worry if it isn’t. Ask me anything, and I’ll be happy to assist.

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