Dog Allergies The Major Symptoms and How to Deal with It

Dog Allergies: The Major Symptoms and How to Deal with It


So, you have recently adopted a really cute and cuddly pooch for yourself, right? I’m sure you must be feeling really happy and excited to have this new member in your family who’s nothing less than your own child. And you are also thinking of training him/her and making him your hunting partner or play buddy, right? But, before you think about training him and doing all sorts of crazy things with your dear doggy, it’s vital to know about their health issues.

Like human beings, dogs too can suffer from minor to major health issues. Let’s not talk about the major issues, as I’m not a vet (yet). Let’s discuss the minor health issues such as Dog Allergies. Yes, dogs too suffer from allergies. Do you have any idea about the kinds of allergies that any pooch can suffer from? No? Then here is a list of allergies that you must know so that you can later deal with it.

Dog Allergies The Major Symptoms and How to Deal with It

Dog Allergies The Major Symptoms and How to Deal with It

Types of Dog Allergies

  • Environmental allergy
  • Flea allergy
  • Food allergy

These were the three types of allergies that dog suffer from. And if you want me to filter any one type of allergy among these three, which is really very common then I would say environmental allergy which is caused mainly due to dust mites, pollens and other objects in the environment. But, the good news is that this kind of allergy is curable if you always follow the suggestion given by a veterinary doctor, instead of feeding a random Hypoallergenic Dog Food.

Symptoms of This Allergy

Now, you must be thinking, how do you understand whether your pooch has an allergy or not right? There are certain symptoms that will clearly tell you that your ball of fur is sick. Some of the symptoms are:

You’ll see that he/she is scratching himself/herself vigorously, that too always.
You’ll find your pooch often scratching his ears. You may also see that the inside of the ear is red and smells foul. This means he/she has got allergy which you immediately need to test and cure. You are smelling a secondary infection of fungal variety …
Sneezing a lot could be another symptom.
Licking paws too often also means he/she has caught an allergy. (if there is no burr caught between the toes, or no flea etc).
So, these were some common symptoms of environmental dog allergies. If you find some more symptoms along with this, better consult a vet and then think of tackling the medical condition.

Ways to Deal with It

However, to deal with environmental allergies, I can suggest you some tips.

Take a Look

  • Keep the indoors of your house clean. Don’t judge your home’s cleanliness by its squeaky clean look because you never know, there could be some micro allergens loitering around your home or hiding in some corner. So, make sure you clean the entire house properly and that too, on a regular basis. And also remember to replace all toxic room cleaners with non-toxic or herbal ones. Some people use high quality medical filters on their vacuums and other methods to detox their homes.
  • Never smoke in front of your pet.
  • Purify the air by using a room purifier so that you can control dust.
  • Make sure you always clean your dog up, especially wipe his/her paws after he returns from an outdoor walk. To clean his/her paws, use grooming wipes. And to clean the entire body, you must use hypoallergenic shampoo or anti-allergy spray. Make sure you DRY their paws so that the fungal activity doesn’t start again.

So, this was all about the allergy symptoms and how to deal with environmental dog allergies. To know more about it, please visit your nearest vet.

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