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It is generally the sled dogs are known as sled dogs, but strictly speaking, the most worthy of the name of the breed known as the sled dogs, of course, is a husky. The majestic appearance resembles a wolf. But also elegance and energetic, very dynamic.

siberian husky dog photos

siberian husky dog photos

History: The Siberian Husky is a family of nomads and governance breeds being kept. They generally act as a sled, reindeer to guide and guard work. And in such a harsh Siberian environment. Husky the past few centuries have been living alone in Siberia. In the early 20th century, the fur traders were brought to the United States. A blink of an eye, this will become a world-famous dog sled dog champions. Now, this dog Zeyi companion dogs as much popular.

Nature: a very gentle temperament, vigilance strong, gentle, will always remain happy. Because of their character so calm, so not suitable for guard dogs. They have no smell and beautiful fur, in addition to regular foot trimming the fur outside.

Head: the number of distinct segments, was the arch-shaped bonnet, the head tip thinner. Equidistant and the snout skull, nose and mouth, tapering tip. Lips tight, not loose, usually black.

Ears: Medium size, triangular ears narrow interval, the higher position of ears, inner ear hair more.

Eyes: Almond-shaped, to rise. Color is brown or blue.

Nose: The nose is black, red-brown or pink, with the coat color.

Body: thick chest, back, muscular, slightly arched lower back flat.

Fur: the upper hair straight and soft undercoat rich, medium length. Special white face, coat a variety of colors.

Limbs: muscular, strong and straight forelegs, hind legs parallel.

Foot: muscular, oval-shaped toes, webbed toes, rich fur and long, wolf claws must be removed.

Tail: Thick fur resembles a fox’s tail, vigilance towards the upper back bent, rest and work sagging.

Height: male :53-60 cm, female :51-56 cm.



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