ECX AMP MT 1:10 2WD RTR Monster Truck review

ECX AMP MT 1:10 2WD RTR Monster Truck review


My first introduction to ECX AMP MT 1:10 2WD Monster Truck, by purchasing it for my little brother. Not known to me, he was disappointed. I wished to make him happy.

We went to the nearby hobby shop with an intention to buy a new toy for him. However, when we arrived at that shop, he looked glazed by looking at this RC truck. My dear chose it at first sight because it is really charming looking. After testing it, we got it as so easy to operate especially for kids.

Now, I want to show particular features about this lucrative toy, one should know them before showing interest in this  truck:
2. It holds 540 sizes 20T brushed motor.
3. Waterproof
4.It’s range of 2.4GHz
5.Its battery included is rechargeable Dynamite 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH
6.Charger is Dynamite NI-MH 110-240V
7.Its chassis is made of Nylon composite
8.Its body is fully painted

Now, I will share my experience with this. That will help you to understand it clearly.

My brother can run it fast any more at high speed even over root and rock without occurring any damage. It seems always ready to run when one wishes. He operates it to a local park under construction through mud and water. It has worked very well as it is a waterproof feature in.

My cousin who has come to our house was surprised by seeing this. He was also satisfied with the RC truck and showed wish to get it. Its battery works for 25minutes after it is fully charged. I think it belongs to the cheaper price, one can realize this difference by making a comparison with its quality along with others. Really it has sound quality.

Everything has two sides: positive and negative. Like this, the RC truck also has few bad sides, such as :
It takes 9 hours to be fully charged, it is Irritating fact reason behind this is after 9 hours charging time 25 minutes working duration is not comfortable.

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It can not work over sand, when one makes a tour in any Sandy area, that is not easy for kids to run this, they will face a problem. It has replaced one gear that is connected to the engine.

I am not happy with its Controller.The controller is not satisfactory qualified, even one can’t use a phone as a controller when necessary.

When any damage occurs, replacement is not so easy. The company takes huge time to replace parts. After using many days front axle has broken, some scratches has put on the body when sliding on rocky pavement.
Let’s see at a glance its merit and demerits, are following :

ECX AMP MT 1:10 2WD RTR Monster Truck review
ECX AMP MT 1:10 2WD RTR Monster Truck review

Attractive looking

Ready to run


Works well through mud and water

Works better through high and low place


Not suitable for Sandy area

Uncomfortable controller

Huge charge taking duration

Final Verdict

After all, I have no strong, complaint about it and it’s quality. Because it is better than it’s competitors.It brings mental satisfaction for kids because it is a beneficial companion for children. I am pleased with the greeting and behavior of salesman, really overall cheerful.

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