Best Mahjong Sets Reviews

Best Quality Mahjong Sets Reviews 2020


The ultimate Mahjong Sets Guide for Beginner

Mahjong, they call it the ‘game of sparrows’ and for good reasons. This rummy-like game has sensuous pleasures; the sound of the tiles a clicking against each other is just amazing, and the moves are intellectual.


Mahjong is a game of great strategic complexities, requiring your complete attention and a lot of analysis. To get started, all you need a set of tiles. You can easily find mass-produced mahjong tiles online at a range of prices, but the pleasure of the games comes from simply handling a beautiful mahjong set. So, you must choose the right mahjong tiles.

Best Mahjong Sets Reviews
Top 10 Mahjong Sets Reviews 2020

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How to choose Mahjong set for a beginner

Choosing the right mahjong set can be quite personal. For most people, the greatest emphasis is the appeal. With the great variety of artwork on tiles, you will definitely find mahjong tiles online that will suit your needs. Here is a simple checklist to make choosing a little easier even as a beginner.

The number of Mahjong tiles

Before you head on to the shop, you must first decide the number of mahjong tile you need. For some variants of Mahjong, you only need 136 tiles. For instance, for Hong Kong, Japanese modern and Zung Jung, 136 will be enough: that is 36 dots, 36 baboons, 16 winds, 36 characters and 12 dragons. The most set will come with eight flowers, which are conveniently in two sets. The eight additional tiles can play mahjong competition riles, European classical and other less popular styles. Some will require a 144 set and some will take more.



The beauty of mahjong game lies on the craftsmanship of its tiles. Original Mahjong was composed of bones with some form of bamboo backing. You can still find them online, but they go to higher price ranges.

Bamboo material is more authentic, so if that’s your preference, then you should choose them. However, you will find other materials. Plastic by far is the most popular and the least expensive. Generally, plastic mahjong tiles are more uniform and easier to build walls with.

They are also easier to read. You can also get mahjong tiles in exotic materials such as ox bones, horn, jade, agate and gold plate tiles. The choice is all your’; don’t think the plastic set is nasty, they can be quite a pleasure to play with.


Most tradition mahjong set has Chinese characters. These will be engraved into the tiles, which allows an expert to determine their value simply by touching. If you cannot read Chinese, then you may be better off with a set that comes on a Roman letter or Arabic numeral printed on Wind, Joker, flower and suit tiles.
You can check my selected top 10 mahjong set name for any beginner, regardless of your ideal game rules.

Frequently asked question

Many aspects have to be considered, but generally, vintage and antique set sells a set at $100 on the lower side. Bamboo will cost more, but you can find plastic and other materials between $30 on a lower side.

A set of mahjong will have its number of pieces depending on the place. Basically, it has 136 tiles, most commonly 144 tiles. Some mahjong set, especially ones originating from the United States will have more.

This will differ from place to place. Mostly, it will contain 136 tiles, with four copies of each or 144 tiles. The other will have more tiles in form or joker and flowers.

Jokers can be used to complete Pung, quint, Kong and Sextet. However, it cannot be used to replace a tile or complete any pair.

One set of American Mah Jong has eight flowers, although this number may vary.

The Mahjong is a game of four players, but yes, you can also play as two players as a beginner. In this arrangement, one player will play East, and the other West and the preliminaries will be conducted the same way as the four player game.

The goal of Mahjong game is to clear the board, by taking all the tiles from the original layout a setting them in four sets and one pair. The game shows your level of skills, strategy an calculation.

When you play mahjong, you sit around the table. Tiles are shuffled; dies cases and the allocation of tile begin. The player to match a hand of 14 calls mahjong and end the game.

The East can make a break in the wall by pushing then tiles to the breaking point.

The word Mahjong originated from Confucius who loved bird; thus, the most common meaning one can find is that the name means sparrow.

Three players are a variation, rather than the standard four players. It isn’t a simple adaptation of a four-player to suit three players, but there is a rule to suit three players.

Mahjong is correct spelling. It’s depends on the names of the national associations.

Anyone  can play free Mahjong Games online at the website. Such as, 247 Mahjong, Mahjong Online, etc.

Mahjong Titans was created in 2008.

Bottom Line

Now, with this information, you should get started with this fantastic game. Have you figured out the best mahjong set for you? I would recommend you try the new American Mahjong Set by Linda Liâ. It is classic American mahjong with almost everything you need to get started with western and Chinese style games.


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