How To Make Dog Food Is Really That Easy!

How To Make Dog Food: Is Really That Easy!


Dog food companies have spent time and advertising money making consumers believe that the only way to bring your dog a complete nutrition is by buying commercial dog food. During these hard times, many people have chosen to give away and abandon their pets because of this great lie. Making dog food is easy, may save you a cash in food costs and vet care and will be of better quality than most (if not all) commercial dog food.

How To Make Dog Food Is Really That Easy!

How To Make Dog Food Is Really That Easy!

When you learn how to make dog food, you’re letting your pet know you care. The first thing to do is learning about your pet’s nutritional needs and adopt a diet accordingly. Look for rations, nutrients (according to breed and size) and learn about poisonous food that may affect your dog. Here is a list of some common foods known to be poisonous to dogs:

  • Onions and Garlic
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Car antifreeze/coolant
  • Avocadoes

Dogs love peanut butter and it is very healthy for them. This is probably the only nut you should feed your pet. Other ingredients mainly found in homemade dog food are ground beef, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, rice and oats. Make sure you balance meat products with veggies such as peas, carrots, and pumpkins. An ingredient used in homemade dog cooking with lots of benefits is flaxseed oil, as it provides omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for a complete dog nutrition. Flaxseed oil may also help homemade food last longer in the fridge.

A good way to start making homemade dog food is by using leftovers. A good ration of cooked leftover white rice, chicken and veggies mixed together may be enough for a dog meal. Don’t hesitate if your dogs do not eat the chicken bones, as these may be harmful to their digestive system.

Be creative when making dog food recipes. Fat removed from the meat, gome and pork may be a great way to provide the needs of your dog. This can replace the use of butter (which I don’t recommend using) and vegetable oil you may find in some recipes. When you’re comfortable of knowing some good homemade dog recipes don’t hesitate in making these in bulk, freezing them in individual bags. This is a great idea if you have space in the fridge as you can even save food for two months. This also saves time spent on cooking for your dogs every day.

Be aware of handing leftovers for your dog. This is especially important if you are heavy on garlic and onions. If you choose to feed your dogs some leftovers, first make sure of potentially harmful ingredients. This is the reason why choosing a homemade dog food diet may be better than just feeding your dog scraps.

Choosing the Dog Breed for You

Choosing the Dog Breed for You

Learn how to make dog food the easy way. Don’t buy into the lie of commercial dog food brands and their deceitful practice. To learn more about commercial dog food tactics and how it may be affecting your dog please subscribe our newsletter.

Some ingredients found in commercial dog food

  • Preservatives, known to inflict on our innocent dogs, horrendous diseases like multiple cancers, kidney failure, liver failure, immune system collapse and many more heartless ways to die.
  • The processed feces (crap) of other dead animals.
  • The decaying carcasses of dead dogs, cats, zoo animals and animal control
  • The deadly poison, Sodium Pentobarbital, used the kill the animals mentioned above by lethal injection.

In other words…
Most commercial pet foods are garbage

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