How to Choose the Right Dog Biscuits

How to Choose the Right Dog Biscuits


Dog biscuits are the most common dog treats. You can easily find them in stores and you can even make them at home. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying dog biscuits.

Check the package for ingredients. Choose one that is high grade and is similar to the dog food you give him. Look out for harmful ingredients and other things that your dog may be allergic to. Some additives and food coloring can cause adverse reactions in some dogs.
If your dog eats raw meat or canned dog food, it is best to choose a mixer biscuit that can complement other food. Never use a complete food dog treat as a mixer biscuit because you may overfeed your dog.

Taste and texture must also be considered. You have to choose one that your pet will like. Pick a flavor that is similar to his dog food or even better. Be wary of chemicals that can cause discomfort and other illnesses.

Once you have decided what type of dog biscuit you want, you should also consider the size of your dog. Big dogs require bigger treats because they may not be satisfied with small sized biscuits and you will have to give them more. The age of your pet is also important. Puppies and older dogs have difficulties with hard biscuits. They should be given softer ones that are easy to chew and digest.

How to Choose the Right Dog Biscuits

How to Choose the Right Dog Biscuits

Just like dog food, do not buy too many treats. It is a hit and miss thing. Finding the best dog biscuit can be a series of trial and errors. If you are having difficulties finding the right one, you can also make your own. That way you are sure that the ingredients are high quality and it is safe for your dog. There are many books about cooking for dogs or you may check the Internet for a vast number of cookie recipes for your pooch.

I totally agree that there are a lot of cookies, biscuits, and treats that look good. Do not be fooled, most of them taste terrible. It is better to stick to classic or biscuits that can never go wrong. I have tried a lot of these treats for my dog, especially the ones that look like pizza and other interesting shapes and colors. I never bothered to check what they were made of back then. Our furry friend is not picky, but she never liked any of them. I am guessing that the ones we chose were not of good quality.

Nowadays, there are plenty of dog biscuits that are available. I highly recommend those with natural and organic ingredients. These are definitely healthier for your pet.

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