Importance Of Dog Diet

Importance Of Dog Diet


One of the most critical aspects of your dog’s health is what he eats. Sure it’s convenient for you to buy your dog’s food in a bag on aisle 9 at the grocery store, but chances are that food is not going to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

There are all sorts of variations and opinions on what you should feed your dog. In my years of experience, I have seen the best results feeding my dogs a raw diet of meat mixed with ground up organic vegetables and flaxseed oil.

Importance Of Dog Diet

Importance Of Dog Diet

You can find all the details of how I prepare my dogs’ raw diet if you click here.

Yes, making your dog’s food is time-consuming and you have to know what you are doing when you prepare it. There are a number of great reference books you can read. My favorite is Kymythy Schultze’s Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.

Some view her diet as being too restrictive since it does not allow grains and dairy. I feed my dogs some of each but don’t overdo it. Their basic diet is veggies, raw meat, and a beef marrow bone from the butcher once a week.

One change I have made is to feed my dogs more beef rather than just turkey and chicken. Beef contains carnitine which is needed for, among other things, heart support.

Feeding raw has its benefits and you will see it in the health and well be being of your dog. The one challenge I have faced is that in case of emergency and you lose electricity for a long period of time (hurricane, storms, etc.) your refrigerated meat is not going to last very long. Also, personal emergencies might prevent you from preparing the food. In any event, you need a backup plan.

There have been times that I don’t have enough ground up veggies and the dogs can’t wait until I grind up more, so I mix some of the Wysong kibbles with the veggies I do have and add the raw meat. Then when I am faced with real emergency situations, as in the power outages that followed Hurricane Ike, I have the Wysong foods available to feed my dogs. I also keep Wysong canned food to substitute for the meat texture in the meal.

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