Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train with Caboose and Track

Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train Review


Kiddieland Toys Limited is a trusted name on the toy industry. Kiddieland delivering high-quality toys at competitive prices. Today’s I am discussing their popular product Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train with Caboose and Track. Let’s get started

Disney’s Minnie Mouse Battery Powered Train. 6 D-Cell batteries required for it. That’s included in the box. The train dimension is 31.8(Length) x 10 (width) x 14.8(height) inches. The ride on the train is not heavy, it’s weight only 798kg or 1.76 pounds. Minnie Mouse ride on train is suitable for 1year-3years children, his/her weight not exceeding 25kg (55lbs).

Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train
Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train

Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train has a motor. The train can move forward, back, and stops. Your adorable baby can stop anytime and anywhere in the track line and floor, very easy and smoothly.

Minnie Ride-On Train back portion has a caboose. Caboose gives option to keep your baby other favorite toy or accessories to store here.

Your child will get a realistic sound from the train. The train produces train engine revs, whistle and horn. For horn just push of a button and engine revs and whistle play automatically when starting the train.

Ride the train on build-it-yourself tracks with three different track design options! All track lines are included in the box.


After reading all features, I think so you can make your Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train purchase decision. After purchase, you need to set up it for your kid. So, I am sharing an unboxing video with a setup procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The track covers an area of 10 feet by 4 feet.

6 D cell batteries required and it comes with.

No, it’s not sold separately. But you can purchase from other tracks from amazon, ebay, Walmart etc. online store.

yes, it’s a ride on train also your baby can play without ride.

so, what is your thinking related to Kiddieland Minnie Ride-On Train is it good for your child or bad. Share your experience with us. My personal opinion ‘ It’s a great ride on train toy for 1-3years old baby”.

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