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Labrador Retriever There is about 55-65 cm in shoulder height, about 26 to 35kg weight, it is considered the type of large dogs. Newfoundland in Canada is its origin, I heard that the British hounds are its ancestor, the local fishermen to pull it work arrangements and transport networks.

It is now the main job is to guide and as a guard dog because of its sense of smell is very sensitive, non-with the general, so you can easily detect the drugs and explosives.LabradorDog’s personality is very gentle, particularly well-behaved and want to train it is very simple, it has the same IQ, and eight children, very energetic, active, treatment of the owner is absolutely loyal, honest, It belongs to the family dog in one of the most popular, is one of the most trusted.


Labrador is a very robust body, a very active character. Position above the waist, the width is slightly larger. It has very powerful hindquarters, and very long above the muscular tissue. It is very close to the body of the short coat, long very thick, dense, mixed with no long hair in the meantime.

labrador dog breed pictures

                                                                               Photo: Labrador dog breed pictures


Labrador has a very broad head position so that the head gives a very large feel. It has very clear the amount of segments, the head of the line is very visible, it has very powerful jaws, is a bit long, but cannot give people the feeling left too long. Labrador has a very large nose, of course, relatively wide nostrils. It has very straight teeth, is very strong, bite, and is horizontal, it can be cut like. Labrador dogs are hanging in the head on both sides of the ears, is very modest, slightly leaned back position, although the hanging, would not give a very heavy feeling. It is a medium tall, eyes, smart, clever, and very gentle people the impression it left, eye color can be brown, yellow, and also is black.

Bloodhound St. Hubert Hound

Neck and chest

Labradors are the very appropriate length of the neck, is very effortless, but would not give a very clear feeling. It has a very long shoulder, is tilted with the. It has a wide, deep chest. It has expansive good ribs, very large waist. It has moderate bending angle after the knee. It’s hindquarters have better development, giving a feeling of strength in the very.

Feet and toes

Labrador dog foreleg (shoulder below) and the ground is to maintain the vertical, compact arrangement of arched toes upward. It has a very moderate ankle bending angle, and its also very suitable length of the limbs, if it looks too short, so not ideal, and to all parts of the body has a very good mix of people can get more care.


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