drift a rc car

How to Drift a RC Car


Much like real life racers, people who race smaller cars have taken to the art of drifting. If you want to learn how to drift the best RC cars, then there are certainly a few things you need to know in order to do it effectively. Keep reading for a few tips.

drift a rc car

Lear to Drift a RC Car

The basic mechanics of drifting are quite simple. That doesn’t mean that you’ll get how to drift RC cars quickly though. Doing so requires a lot of practice, so hopefully you’ll be patient enough to learn the skill correctly.

Basically, whenever you’re coming up to a corner, you’ll want to start turning into it early. You will need the rear of your car to start sliding when you drift RC cars. If your rear traction prevents this slide, then you may need to tap the brake a little bit.

As you’re turning through the corner of a slide, you’ll need to turn the throttle up. Using the throttle will help you maintain the correct angle, but steering is much more important in this regard. When you are trying to learn how to drift RC cars, then you’ll need to work on keeping your wheels at the right angle so that the nose of your car comes as close to the corner as possible.

The types of tires you have are very important when trying to learn how to drift RC cars. It’s important to note that any car can drift as long as you have the skills. However, having the right set of tires equipped makes it much easier.

You can convert your standard tires into drifting tires if you have the right supplies. Wrapping them up in electrical tape will do the trick. However, your best option may be to buy specially made drifting tires if you want to learn how to drift RC cars with ease.

Your first overall car is also important. If you’re just starting out, then it’s probably fair to say that you’ll crash quite a bit when learning to drift your RC car. You may not want to invest in a pricey model that you’ll just bang up and you need to bear this in mind when you are browsing.

It doesn’t pay to be heavy-handed in the control when you drift RC car. The slightest movement will determine whether you nail the corner or not. You will need to work on making delicate movements with the steering controls as well as maintaining the throttle correctly.

drifting setup

Setup is Everything for Drifting

There are all different types of courses that people drift RC cars on. You’ll want to test your skills on courses designed for beginners if you’re just starting out. Courses that are simply a circle, also known as zero-type courses, will be just fine. As you progress with drifting, then you can move up to more difficult courses like figure 8s.

These tips will help you to learn drifting RC car. The only way to learn though is to hit the road and practicing yourself. Be light with the controls and hopefully start out with a relatively cheap model car so you don’t have to waste a lot of money learning.

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