Living with Dogs

Living with Dogs


I can’t imagine living with dogs. From the warm snuffles first thing in the morning to muddy walks in the afternoon … jumping out of my skin when they announce the arrival of the postman … tramping through frosty fields, clouds of condensation billowing from their panting mouths, the low sun shining on their glossy coats – a picture of beauty which never fails to take my breath away.

Living with dogs means you’re never alone when you need consolation and a hug, or reassurance that you are possibly the most wonderful person in the world.

And it means finding dog beds that hairs don’t stick to, toys that are fun and safe for both of you to play with, and knowing how to introduce your dog to children, cats, and other animals so that everyone is happy.

And if you’re sharing your life with dogs, you’ll need to know what’s best for them too. How to cope with the firework season, how much exercise your dog really needs, and what should he be eating?

Living with Dogs

Living with Dogs

Life’s a Ball!

Here at, we want you to get the best out of life with your dog, so we’ve brought together loads of information on living with dogs to help you.
With time and experience, you’ll find a lot of this comes to you as second nature. But if you’re new to keeping a dog, you may be glad of some pointers (that’s advice, not German Short-haired Pointers!) The first of these pointers would be to start training your new dog from almost the minute he arrives. “A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog” because once he knows what he’s meant to do, he won’t be in trouble.

Imagine the misery of being continually in the wrong, with no idea what you’ve done to offend, and no idea what to do to put things right! Dogs come pre-programmed to fit in with the pack. If you can cash in on this desire to oblige early on, you can develop an unbreakable bond with your dog which will last the whole of his life. So the Dog Training and Puppy Training sections should be your first stop.

Apart from our major sections on Dog and Puppy Training – where you can learn to teach your dog some tricks, by the way – and Dog Health, here are some pages you may want to take a look at to start off. Oh, and if you see a picture you like … click on it and see where it takes you!

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