1/5 scale gas monster truck

How to Maintain 1/5 Scale RC Cars


One of the most important aspects of maintaining 1/5 Scale RC Car is cleaning them. The more you use your car, the more you’ll want to clean it. Failure to take enough time to wipe down your vehicle with a damp cloth may cause damage over the long haul.

1/5 scale gas monster truck

1/5 Scale Gas Monster RC Truck

Those who run their 1/5 RC car into off road need to clean them quite often. Even running your car over pavement will cause it to get dirty. Rocks, dirt, and other types of debris will still be present on asphalt and concrete. Your carpet inside will also cause your car to get dirty enough to clean.

There are various cleaning solutions that you can use to clean them with ease. Since all 1/5 scale RC cars are different, you’ll need to make sure the cleaning solution you use is compatible with your model. Use a Q-tip or something else small to test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your car before using it for more prominent areas.

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As you should already know, RC cars are powered by different types of motors. If you have a gas or nitro engine, then maintenance is especially important. You’ll need to do things like clean the fuel lines, air filters, and change the oil frequently to keep the car running in good condition.

No matter what type of motor they have, all 1/5 scale RC cars have a transmitter so that you can control them. Your transmitter relies on batteries for operation.

You should avoid recharging the batteries too frequently depending on the type of battery it is. For example, NiMH batteries have issues with battery memory when charged before they have been discharged completely.

If you don’t play with your RC cars that often, then you’ll really need to be careful. Batteries that are left in the transmitter will lead to corrosion. Eventually, the contacts will become damaged, requiring you to clean them with a special cleaning solution.

1/5 scale 4wd rc car

1/5 Scale 4WD RC Car

As far as your car is concerned, you will need to inspect it from top to bottom periodically. You’ll need to keep a check on the brakes and associated parts like the pads. They’ll need occasional replacement. Your shocks are also important, especially if you’re driving 1/5 RC car off-road. Some types of shocks can be adjusted depending on the type of terrain you’re driving the car on. kettlebell long cycle

Needless to say, crashes can cause all sorts of damage to 1/5 scale RC cars. Always be careful with the controls so you don’t experience problems in the future. These vehicles won’t last forever no matter how you maintain them. Maintaining them properly will extend their lifetime considerably though.

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