Best RC Monster Trucks

Best RC Monster Trucks


If you arean RC monster truck lover then you have come to the right place. This articleis all about the best RC monster truck.

RC monstertruck has the biggest difference from a single car is the tire. The tires arecomparatively bigger and stronger. A well-featured monster truck can runeverywhere in every condition. If you have a wish to buy an RC monster truck Iam here with the best suggestion. So go on!

Top 10 RC Monster Truck

After huge research, finally, I am able to select 10 products. Now I will describe them with the most important features and pros and cons. Keep reading and choose your dream truck.

Best RC Monster TrucksBest RC Monster Trucks

Jive RC Truck – Remote Control Truck

Getintroduce with this amazing durable RC truck. The truck comes with all the necessaryfeatures. It has unique robber dollar tires which allow the truck drift, spin, andpivot and run in everywhere.

The truckhas a 2.4 GHz radio control system that lets the truck control from 100 feet.The truck contains a rechargeable powerful battery. There are also a goodnumber of functions such as turn left and right, music, buggy mode, upward andbackwards and do many.

This truckcan be used as a gift for kids and teen. There are 4 roller traction tires andeach of them are used. The car comes in 2 different colors, red and blue.


 Dancing mode available.

 Awesome design and different colors available.


 Kids under 6 years are not recommended to use it.

DOUBLE E Remote Control Trucks Monster RC Car

DOUBLE E ispresenting a 1:12 scale large-sized RC car. The dimension of this remotecontrol truck is 15.2 × 9.4 × 7.5 inches. It has a 2.4 GHz controller whichmakes easy operation. It can be controlled from a range up to 260 feet.

It isequipped with two 6V 800 mAh rechargeable battery and a USB charger, whichmakes it more durable than any other toys. After charging once, 20 – 30 minutescan be played with it.

Thisfour-wheeler has 45° slop climbing ability which let the children respond tothe challenges of different terrains.


Designed with durable, strong components.

Easy to control.

Can make acrobat flipping.


As it is designed for children, the speed is not super-fast.

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger RC Truck 1: 10 Scale

Monster Jamis ready to amuse you with the 1:10 scale grave digger RC truck. It features adual – joystick controller with 2.4 GHz which allows racing 6 trucks at a time& provides a range up to 250 ft.

Thedimension of the truck is 13 × 18.5 × 10.8 inches. It comes complete with theAAA batteries for the controller & the truck is rechargeable with a USBcable (connected with the truck).

The truckincludes 4 authentic Monster Jam sounds and working lights. It can performhigh-octane stunts like big air, doughnuts, cyclones and more.


provides a very good range.

Long battery life.

Great look with great sounds.


Little difficult to control in uneven ground.

AOKESI 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck

Say hello toAokesi 1:12 RC monster truck. This truck is a pro-level truck for kids andteenagers. The truck is made of durable body and heavy-duty wheels. Every partof this truck is waterproof.

The truckcomes with 2 x 6.0 volt 400 mAH battery. Each battery provides 30 minutesplaytime. So you can play flawlessly 1 hour with 2 batteries.

The 2.4 GHztransmitter lets you control the truck of a range of 260 feet. There are alsocommon functions. It is a 4WD and dual motor truck. The package comes with amanual, screwdriver and other necessary things.


Backup battery including.

100% waterproof truck.

Different functions.


Children less than 8 years old are recommended to use parents’ accompany.

NQD Remote Control Trucks Monster RC Car 1: 12 Scale Off-Road Vehicle

The latestversion of RC car is equipped with 7.2V 1200 mAh battery and a USB chargerwhich makes it more durable than any other regular toys. It has shock absorberwhich makes it more stable.

This car runsfaster than others, with two powerful built-in motors and the speed up to 15-25km/h. It has a 45° slop climbing ability for responding to differentchallenges.

It isprovided with 2.4 GHz controller, which makes easy operation. Two or more RCvehicle can be racing together without remote confusion.


Easy to control.

Faster than any other car.

High voltage battery increases longevity.


The car should not be exposed to the high-temperature environment, high humidity or direct sunlight.

DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck

Getintroduced with this rechargeable dual motors monster truck by DOUBLE E. It ispacked with 2.4 GHz radio controller which supports multiple cars playingwithout interfering.

It has arechargeable 6V 800 mAh battery for long-life performance. The dimension of thecar is 7 x 5 x 3 inches.

Thisoff-road remote control monster truck is provided with front and rear dualmotors which made it move on any terrain. The full four-direction allows it goingforward or backwards and turning left or right.


Climbs over pretty much anything around 6 inches and lower. It has anti-collision ability.

Is has no issues with cold or hot weather.


Takes a few hours to charge, recommend getting a second battery.

RAGU Drift Remote Control Truck

If you wanta real experience of Lamborghini driving then this toy is perfect. Having atop-notch copper motor, it provides great acceleration and drifting.

You canincrease the speed up to 20 Km pee hours. The truck comes with 2 x 3.7V 1200mAhRechargeable Lithium Batteries. Each battery runs 30 minutes. So you can play 1hour using the battery one after one. Happy to know that a small screwdriverand a manual is also added with the package.

There areawesome lighting and sound system. Very well programming is made in the truck.The truck can dance with music, 360-degree rotation, 4 direction run, 45° driftand more.


Lots of functions. High-quality copper motor. Comes with 2 batteries. Sound system + Lighting system.


It may not perform smoothly on off-road.

RC Car DOUBLE E 1/18 Remote Control Car 4WD Monster Truck

Getintroduced with a professional RC truck you from double E. This truck is madeof premium and safe plastic and other materials. Besides, it is shockproof andwell designed. It can be used as a perfect gift for kids.

The truckcomes with 2 x 4.8V, 800 mAh batteries. One is for playing and one is forbackup. Each battery can run 30 minutes. It is a dual motor truck with 4heavy-duty wheels. Happy to know it can run over any 45° sloop easily. It is awell durable monster truck.

A 2.4 GHzradio station is used. Very sensitive handling and sophisticated rubber tireswill give you a real experience of driving.


Used as a gift for kids. Backup battery. Great playtime.


Especially for the kids only.

Hosim High-Speed Remote Control Truck

Hosim is arenowned company and they have come with an awesome monster truck. This truckis compatible with the most wanted features. There are also a good number offunctions like a break, climbing, turn left, right, upward, backward, etc.

No matteron-road or off-road, it will run like a monster everywhere. The anti-skiddurable wheels let it run in every environment. It is also a waterproof truckand compatible with an anti-shock suspension system.

The truck isbuilt with 1x 7.4V 500mAh battery. It takes 2.5 hours per Chari and performsaround 16 minutes after 1 charge. The remote requires 3 x1.5V AA batteries. Youcan control the truck with 80 meters of distance using it. It provides a 2.4GHz radio system frequency.


Powerful battery and remote. Different functions.


No mention of the lighting system.

RC Monster Trucks Buying Guide 2020

In thismarket of dishonest sellers and fake products, it is hard to find the perfectone. Here I am sharing some tips which may help you in buying the perfectMonster Truck.

• Truck tires: One of the most important factor.Make sure it is made of durable, shock-resistant, griffy tires. Make sure itcan go through obstacles.

• Safety materials: Most of the time we buy it for thekids. So it is necessary to assure the body and other materials are non-toxicand safe. Also, make sure whether it is shock resistant or not.

• Durability: If you can’t use a toy for a timethen it is just a waste of money. For that make sure all the materials aresturdy and motor, battery is powerful. I suggest you buy a product from abrand.

• Runtime and others: Obviously running time is important.Make sure the truck can run a particular time period in one charge. Otherwise,no one will get fun using it.

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