Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review 2020 : Best Waterproof Electric RC Rock Crawler


Crushin' it Out of the Box: A Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review

Redcat Racing has a reputation for bringing to market a variety of easy to modify radio controlled vehicles that have become popular with hobbyists everywhere. The Redcat Racing Rock Crawler has become extremely popular and continues to make an impact on the market. Right now, let’s look at the Everest 10, a slammin’ little beast that’ll make you forget you’re standing at its side instead of riding high in the cab.

Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review 2020

Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review 2020

Out of the Box

The Redcat Racing Everest 10 is a hobby grade that comes prepared to climb right out of the box. This Redcat Racing Electric Rock Crawler is fully assembled and comes with your choice of a red or blue plastic body. The vehicle comes complete with installed 7.2v 2000mAh nickel metal hydride battery, charger, and RC controller. All you really have to do to get started is give the battery a charge and pop 8 AA batteries in the dual-channel 2.4GHz radio control transmitter. That’s it, she’s ready to crush rock.

Under the Body Basics

The Redcat Everest 10 is a 1/10 scale model rock crawler with quality features that allow it to perform like this big boys. Designers provided the Everest with waterproof electronics and single brushed motor. This is no wimpy motor on axle toy. The Everest 10 is a shaft driven, full four-wheel drive vehicle.

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

A simple, forward and back transmission and front steering put you in control. Beginners can take this truck out and crawl without overthinking it. More advanced drivers can opt to add rear steering and crush on with more finesse.

The Everest 10 isn’t the fastest thing on wheels. You won’t want this truck for a parking lot spinner, but speed isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re bashing rock. An easy walk will keep pace on flat ground, but this baby isn’t meant for drag racing.

Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review 2020
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The Everest 10 is built on a tough aluminum chassis. Its suspension features real oil-filled, aluminum capped shocks and a multi-link suspension. Those will keep her tires on the rock and climbing. That suspension features an excellent range of travel. You won’t get hung up with this crawler, it came to bash on through.

Bead lock tires look vicious and won’t peel away under stress. This unit runs out on quality ball bearings. You won’t have to worry about poor service life and jerky performance from cheap bearings. Don’t give failure a second thought, Redcat sent this one out ready to play.

Easy Upgrade, Repair and Availability of Parts
The Everest 10 has a lot of plastic parts that might someday need replacing. It’s a fact of life. When you go hard, stuff breaks. The longer a machine runs, the more stuff breaks. The good news is that those plastic parts are easy to replace. This is a hobby quality machine. This isn’t a toy that breaks and goes in the trash.

When it’s time to replace failing parts, you can choose to put plastic back in or upgrade to more expensive metal parts. When you switch up you’ll get better durability and in some cases superior performance.

A mix of better quality and plastic parts do the job right out of the box. They make the Everest 10 an affordable entry level hobby machine. Available upgrades like aluminum steering components and rear steering will make Everest a little more attractive to the serious hobbyist. After all, half the hobby (okay a lot more than half,) is making your truck your own with upgrades and options that don’t come stock.

My Conclusions
To sum up my Redcat Racing Everest 10 Review I’ll say this: I like the Redcat Racing Everest 10 as an entry level Crawler for someone just starting out in the hobby. This isn’t a toy that will get you laughed out of the park. The Everest will hold its own with the rest of the crowd and might even leave some of them behind.

Don’t be afraid to grab this one for some weekend bashing fun, or put it in Santa’s sack. You might break some parts on this one, but you won’t break the bank.

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