Sharper Image Remote Control Car RC Cars Toys 27MHz Best Childrens Spinning 360

Sharper Image Remote Control Car RC Cars Toys 27MHz Best Childrens Spinning 360

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When the innovation in technology, there are so many toy manufacturers than there has ever been. These manufacturers use the same concept to creat toys. But what makes sharper image stand out is the fact that they understand their consumers and give them exactly what they need. The sharper image remote control rc cars toys for boys and girls is one such toy that will surely catch the attention of child. What makes it different from others? Hers is a look.

Kids love stunts more than  anything and this remote control car offers that and more. The wheelies 360-degree spins and flashy LED lights make this toy stand out. Kids are assured endless hours of fun and the aggressive design will surely please any child.

The car also comes with fifth wheel to give it a different touch from what your child is used to. So you can switch wheels and use the fully-functionally wireless remotr controller to drive around the neighborhood.

The huge wheels and groves allows  you to not only platform incredible stunts but also do them on any terrain. All these can be achieved with a press of a button. So this is simply the best gift idea for your child.



Durability is key key when buying any toy for boys or girls. The sharper image remote control car rc comes in a sleek design combined with study construction to make sure you get value for your money.


This car comes with two frequencies. This means that you can race multiple  thunder tumblers and add more fun to what is already an outstanding toy. So there is no doubt that adults too will want to try out this toy.

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It is a fun toy for both boys and girls.

Comes in different colors to match different personalities.

The LED light allows you to use the toy in the dark.



The red and blue thunder tumblers are the same frequency so they cannot be used together as much as you would love to do that.



Can I drive this car on grass?

Yes, you can. The car hase torque needed to drive through grass and any other terrain.

Is the speed ideal for first time drivers?

If your child has never driven any remote control car, this is ideal car to start with as the speed is ideal for the little ones.


Is there age limit?

There is so much fun you can have with this car and it has the power to bring out the child in you. So any person can drive it.


With that said, you now understand why this car is a must have. Let the thunder thumbnail light up your night and enjoy endless fun

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