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Top Slot Cars Reviews 2020


A slot car is a powered mini auto or other vehicle. It is guided by a channel or slot in the track on which it runs. Slotcars are create actually original model automobiles but very small size for hobby purpose. Most of the children’s loves to play with car that’s why slot cars are so much popular in the world.  Slot car racing also popular around the world kids are doing this race in their house. Desired on select top 8 slot car only for your baby. Check this list given below

What is Slot Car Scales?

It’s a common question comes from slot car racer, which slot car scale is best? My answer is all scale are well and each scale design for car size basis. There are three common slot car scales

1:24 Scale: 1:24 racing is done at commercial purpose or club tracks. 1:24 scale cars require a large course because it’s would be 7.5 to 185 inches long a car. It’s 24-unit race together.

1:32 Scale: 1:32 scale slot car is appropriate for home race course. This scale is popular in Europe region. It also widely used for commercial purpose. 1:32 scale slot car would be 5.8inches.

Ho Scale:  HO scale is original small slot cars. It would be European HO scale (1:87) or British OO scale (1:76). Although there is HO racing on commercial and shop-tracks, unquestionably most HO racing occurs on home race tracks.

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