The Natural Way to Dog Health

The Natural Way to Dog Health


Promote natural dog health with remedies that really work! And deal with many day-to-day dog health problems without having to trouble the vet. For the working dog and the armchair dog alike, these remedies have stood the test of time.
We don’t want to fill ourselves with chemicals, and we don’t want to fill our animals with them either. We have a tendency, in this scientific age, to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut … and what does that do for the nut?

Did you know that many standard treatments have powerful side-effects? In the farming world, for instance, you may have to discard a cow’s milk for weeks after treating her. If we can do without this level of intervention, so much the better. Using natural remedies, there is no need for the farmer to discard the milk. That is the sort of treatment I prefer for my family and for my dogs. How about you?

The Natural Way to Dog Health

The Natural Way to Dog Health

Dog Health and the Working Dog

And if you’re training and working your dog, you need to have him in top form. Can you imagine trying to learn a new subject when you have a headache? Imagine trying to do agility or flyball when your joints are creaking? Or spending a long day in the field when you just can’t muster the energy? With the working dog, dog health has to be a priority, and proactive … you know what they say about prevention and cure?
Now I value my vet highly. If you can find a good, caring vet who specializes in dog health, then hang on to him or her! There is no substitute for specialist knowledge, and there have been times when I have blessed my vet, especially in a crisis, or in the small hours of the morning. But if I can deal with minor ailments and upsets without having to trouble my – very busy – vet, this saves a lot of time and … dare I say it? … expense.

So we can treat our dogs the same way Grandma treated her children – with remedies that have stood the test of time, which have no undesirable side-effects, and which can often have a general tonic effect on dog health.

First of all, you need to ensure that your dog has a fighting chance by getting rid of all his parasites, both internal and external. For fleas, Frontline and Advantage are really easy to apply and very efficient.

For the internal parasites, Sentinel is very effective. And for heartworms, you can go for Heartgard. Don’t go into the hows and whys of internal parasites – their domestic habits really don’t bear close scrutiny on an empty stomach! – just be sure your dog is protected.

Choosing quality dog health products

Just because it says “natural” on the packet or pot, doesn’t mean it’s particularly good. I used to puzzle for hours over the labels of products. But now I’ve found a terrific source of top-class, organic, natural, chemical-free products – and what’s more, none of the products or ingredients is tested on animals! That would be shooting yourself in the foot – treating your own animal with something that has caused others to suffer.
I use these products constantly in my own household to maximise dog health, and unreservedly recommend them to others. You’ll see some of our stories on later pages. You’ll also see which ones I recommend for what condition. But click here now to go straight over to look at great dog health products.

You’re back! Now you can check up on some specifics – and read some of the great stories of success people have had with their dog health problems – skin problems, joint problems, and injuries.

One of the most important areas of anyone’s health is their diet, and this is just the same for dog health. Look at the latest take on dog feeding here.

Species other than Dogs … Really?

While this site is all about dogs, there is a space in my heart for cats too, so I was delighted to find where you can find all you need to know about looking after your feline friend.
Humans feature in my list of favorite species also, and all the products I mention here do for people exactly what they do for dogs – helping with skin, joint, and general health questions. For more specifically human health queries, have a look at

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