The Secret Life of Dog Team


The morning of November 29, Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau police dog training business skills base at a police dog training evaluation, 146 dogs had the skills contest. Perhaps you’ve seen on TV in the magical ability to dogs search for drugs, perhaps you Sanlitun Bar Street Liuwan when seen commanding the patrol dogs. In the eyes of ordinary people, dogs seem to always wear a halo of mystery: where they come magical ability?

How do they become a professional dog from the dog’s normal? They usually eat? Each dog can live either, serving many years? … … Recently, the Morning News reporters Zou Jin and Zhao Yangqu Public Security Bureau police dog training base, the story behind the Secret police dog training.

The Secret Life of dog team

The Secret Life of dog team


Single room on a regular basis each dog a bath

At 9:00 on November 29, the reporter arrived at the Olympic Park training base near the dog, not into the base of the door, one after another of the bark has been heard. In training dogs, led by members, reporters began visiting dog houses. Reporters saw each was marked before the dog kennel, dog age, dog training dog names and names of members and other information.

Each dog alone a “suite” of each standard kennel area of about 8 square meters, in the closed room, outside open-air, enclosed place to rest, the place is open space, similar to the wet and dry area.

Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau Police Detachment dog team captain, said Wang Liming, staff training dogs to work every day cleaning kennels first thing, but also help the dog a bath regularly. Dog kennel training base, there were more than 40 standard rooms, 2 breeding kennel, with a special isolation kennel. In addition, there is more than 100 rooms kennel located in Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau police station more than 30 years.

The east side of the kennel in a room have a special dog bath machine. Reporters on the scene saw a black Labrador dogs are the openings through the front the machine was put into the machine, more than 20 minutes to complete the cleaning. Police said that each dog must be a minimum half-round cleaning.


A minute to find the trunk of drugs

10 am, police dogs began performing skills. Police in a site placed on the five different colors of the trunk, which was pre-placed in a box inside a “drug.” Holding the next few trainers and Labrador purebred German Shepherd dogs to try it.

“Rule, on!” Members of a small dog training dog how to issue his orders. Governance side of the nose sniffing dogs, while slowly moving forward along the trunk, walk in a circle around the trunk, police dog in a suitcase on the squat down. Then, the police opened the trunk to determine the dog’s rule, found a container of “drugs” small box.

He immediately took out his pocket a small green ball to show a reward rule will immediately jump ball title to his mouth. Several German Shepherd dogs equally well to find a box of “black powder.” This reporter saw police dogs to find drugs and explosives, each time not more than one minute.

Next, bring dogs training dog handlers also performed “a 421″ Let’s Walk, single and multiple dogs bite dog flutter bite suspects and other subjects.


30 yuan per day than eating a good training dog handlers

“Dog of food standards is relatively high, the current Chaoyang police dogs food each standard is 30 yuan/day, not including the cost of medical care and vaccines.” Liming said the dogs eat better than training dog handlers, food mainly and beef-based dog food, but also regularly give them vitamin supplements, protein and calcium nutrition.

Wang Liming said, compared with people, dog’s life is short, generally only 10 to 15 years. “10-year-old dog is equivalent to almost 70-year-old man,” a police dog of the service for five to seven years, two years old is the dog of the most effective age.

Selected dogs

“With the selection of the reason is the same.”

“Training dogs before, the choice of dog is learning, with the selection of the reason is the same,” Liming said the prime-time dog training is usually between the ages of six months of age to one, selected mainly to see the dog when the dog’s nervous type is excited, there is no desire to take the title, eyes have Aura and so on. If the performance is very exciting, strong desire to take the title, indicating the dog’s performance is better. “The line is to see the dog, thinking, sitting, lying, saying ‘one year old to see a small, old look old’, the same with people.” Liming said that if the dog has selected a number of conditions and quality, after a few months or more than six months of training and training systems, can become a qualified work dog the.


“There are no bad dogs, only dog training unqualified staff.”

When training dogs, dog training staff is the key to caring for dogs and patience, to understand the behavior of the dog language, the most important thing is to talk about principles. Dogs are not machines, it is living life with a sense of independence. “Our slogan is no bad dogs, only dog training unqualified staff,” Liming said that training dogs are generally divided into the following steps.

The first step, affinity with dogs, the establishment of attachment relationships. Generally, three to six months old puppy when training dog handlers with the establishment of such attachment relationship, the fastest this process about two weeks’ time, there is no absolute, because people were dogs vary.

The second step, the initial number of obedience training courses, such as traveling, sitting, lying, etc., this step usually takes three months. Dog’s memory is easily forgotten, not to say that this training is over finished, but also need to constantly re-training to be consolidated.

The third step, practical training courses, such as flutter bite and found drugs, explosive devices, identification and so on. At this time the dog needs training dog handlers according to the characteristics of sub-professional courses: If the dog’s excitement is high, the sense of smell is very sensitive, then the training dog handlers may be toxic or explosive devices to search the direction of the dog training; if the dog is very fierce, so the dog training members may go on patrol, rushed to train the dog bite; if other aspects of the dog in general, only the sense of smell particularly prominent, then training the dog to find Bloodhound Committee direction.

The fourth step, after passing the examination appeals to use. After more than six months of professional training, dog training for dog handlers to the pre-assessment, assessment failed to continue training until qualified so far. “It is not standard, they can only eliminate, but this is very rare,” Liming said.

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