6 biggest mistakes when buying a new car

The six biggest mistakes when buying a new car


Here are the seven biggest mistakes when buying a new car. At the time of acquiring a car, if you have not yet stopped to think about it, we must bear in mind that it is the second most important investment you will make after your home. If you see it like this, it is easier to avoid precipitation and take it easy to avoid the mistakes that we present today. In any case, here we break them down so that you have them in mind.

6 biggest mistakes when buying a new car

6 biggest mistakes when buying a new car

1. Do not do homework at home

Thanks to the Internet, you have at your disposal a virtually infinite source of information and, in fact, today practically no one comes to a dealer to know in depth a model. In the sales center you will talk to a salesperson, so you cannot trust 100% of what he says, however, in the online, configurations of each brand and new car list. The best thing is that you get soaked before you put your foot in a dealer.

2. Choose the wrong time or have too much hurry

At the beginning of the year, dealers begin to receive cars and the sales objectives of the establishment or the commercials themselves seem to be very far away. Therefore, the salespeople are more relaxed and do not have as much urgency to ‘get’ a car. At the end of summer or autumn, they are usually excellent times to get a good discount. For this same reason, you cannot go to the dealership with the haste that you want to be driving your new car in a couple of weeks. In fact, the best thing to do is to always tell the salesperson that the purchase does not make you urgent at all, even if it’s a lie.

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3. Visit a single dealer

Do not limit your search to a single dealer, if you like a car, it is best to go to several and ask price. It is important that the sellers know that you are in a ‘round’ that is, visiting several concessions to find the most favorable offer in your pocket. And, once you have it, always call the other vendor to see if you can improve it, the most likely is that you will have a positive surprise for your pocket.

The six biggest mistakes when buying a new car

The six biggest mistakes when buying a new car

4. Sell your used car wrong

Another frequent mistake when buying a new vehicle, if you are going to deliver your used car, is to forget that you have money there that you should invest in the best possible way. It’s no use if you leave the new car at a very good price if you just value the old. It is fundamental to achieve a balance between the sale price of the new car and the purchase price of your used vehicle. Do not discard the option to sell it on your own: you will almost always get more money.

5. Do not demand a driving test

Remember, this is a great investment and, to do it, you must be sure that your new vehicle will accommodate your needs and your tastes as a driver. A good test, in addition, should not be a couple of laps around the block around the dealer, you have to go with the car to the highway and, if possible, until you take it to your home if for example you are not clear how much free space is going to Stay in your parking space.

6. Find the best financing

For this, you have to take into account another frequent failure when buying a new car: exceed your budget. Set yourself a maximum and never leave there, with that amount in mind and before going to a dealer, talk to your usual bank to know the financing conditions they offer you. It is true that manufacturers put at your disposal the best deals only if you finance with them a certain amount of your purchase. The reality is that for the only thing that this serves is to put an attractive RRP to the car, but look closely at the financing conditions, because the most likely thing is that there, in the end, you will escape a lot of dollars because Part of the benefit of the manufacturers comes from their financial services.

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