Top 10 Loom Bands Kids Reviews 2019

Top 8 Loom Bands Kids Reviews 2020


Loom bands are small little plastic elastic-type bands that can be used to create a variety of crafts, jewelry, and accessories. These small bands, when woven together, quickly become bracelets, headbands and more. The bands have moved on from simple rainbow colors to sparkly, glow-in-the-dark, jelly-style and much more. You can now create anything your imagination can come up with.

History Of Loom Band

Invented by a dad as a toy for his daughters after he had a hard time showing them how to link bands together with his hands. He created the small loom which made this job a lot easier. He did not realize how popular his new invention would become, but these toys are now available around the world being enjoyed by millions. Loom bands also have a large following on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Bracelet makers upload videos showing off their designs with easy to follow instructions so you can create them in your own home. Combining the loom, with the small, colorful elastics, makes creating these fun crafts simple and easy.

Top 10 Loom Bands Kids Reviews 2019

What types
of Loom Bands Are Out There?

There are a
few different kits available from Loom Bands, that allow you to create new and
different things.

  • The original Rainbow Loom Band Kit which comes with the loom, lots of colorful bands and clips to make bracelets or bag clips.

  • The Monster Tail is a smaller, travel-sized loom kit that lets you make bracelets on the go.

  • The Finger Loom lets you work only with your hands, no hooks required.

  • Alpha Loom lets you make fun-name bracelets.

  • Hair Loom lets you make loom bands for your hair.

So, how do
you make a simple loom-bands bracelet with your fingers?

Step 1:

Your first
step to making a fun bracelet is to get your materials together and to pick
your colors. You can choose any colors you like, as this is a fun way to show
off your personality. You need about 20-30 bands and one C-Clip for a bracelet.

Step 2:

Your next
step is to start your bracelet, start by folding one band into a figure 8, and
slide it inside the C-clip. This is the start of your bracelet and all other
bands will be connected to this one.

Step 3:

Your next
step is to pinch a band in half and slide it into the center of the first band,
pull both ends tight, your band should look like a C when you are done.

Step 4:

Fold another
band over, and slide it in the opposite way to band 2, they should form links
at this point. Keep alternating each band until your chain is long enough for
your wrist.

Step 5:

Now that
your bracelet is long enough, you need to finish it off, to do this, you slide
the final band in your chain into the C-clip. Now, your bracelet is done. Try
it on for size to make sure it is not too tight as that can be uncomfortable.

Choosing a loom band kit as a beginner

should come down to which projects you want to make with it. If you want to make simple bracelets and clips, or fishtail bracelets, then any kit will do as long as you make sure you have the basic items required, one loom, a hook and a variety of bands to choose from to create different projects. Once you have chosen your kit, it’s time to start creating some bracelets and charms. Using YouTube (check in with an adult before loading any videos), you can find a bunch of helpful tips and ideas for what to make with these fun bands. Try making a simple bracelet as listed above, or, try something a little crazier by making the fun, double-fishtail bracelet. Check out my favorite loom bands kits for everything you might need.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about loom bands and the different kinds of kits that are out there. These fun toys can help you develop your creative side and make some fun bracelets to share with your friends. So, what is going to be your first project when you get your loom bands kit? I am going to make a sparkly bracelet with a glitter bands kit.


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