Tyco RC Wheelie Cycle

Tyco RC Wheelie Cycle 27 MHz


When it comes to purchasing a toy motorcycle for your little one, there are countless brands and models available on the current market. Deciding on one particular product can be a daunting task. I recently purchased this Tyco RC Wheelie Cycle for my 9-year-old son and had heard nothing but praises from him. This gadget can perform incredible stunts and as my son says; his RC motorcycle can perform many real-world tricks like no other toy vehicle he has ever owned. For anyone unfamiliar with it, a Tyco RC Wheelie Cycle is a remote-controlled motorbike that can perform jumps, wheelies, and amazing stunts on demand. It provides countless hours of fun for kids and adults too.

Tyco R/C Wheelie Cycle 27mhz



Features and Specifications

Are you on the hunt for a motorcycle that can perform wheelies on demand? The Tyco RC Wheelie Cycle 27mhz can do that and so much more. This product has the capability to perform stunt cycle action and wheelies like no other toy motorcycle in that price range. We found that Tyco R/C Wheelie Cycle 27 MHz can do wheelies on command and for more entertainment, it performs exceptionally well in large spaces with no obstacles such as furniture.

Its cool remote control is designed to look like real motorcycle handlebars. This feature allows you and your kids to control their gadget as if they were riding a real bike. The RC toy motorbike will respond to the slightest tilt of its controller. This helps to boost flexibility as well as maneuverability.

This bike performs incredible stunts such as rolls, flips, spinouts, and even jumps. Tyco Cycle will provide you or your child with many stunt cycle actions that have realistic tilt motion controls that not only respond to the real thing but also feels like the real thing. Not only will your kids enjoy playing with it but so will adults.

You can rely on it for its solid construction and built. This will not only ensure that it serves you and your family in the long term but it will also boost safety especially for the kids. This is because it reduces the risk of parts falling apart when your child is riding it.

It comes ready with batteries so you do not need to purchase them separately. In addition, the batteries are long lasting making them reliable for long hour rides without the fear of them running out when performing a flip or a jump.

Final Verdict

Tyco R/C Wheelie Cycle 27 MHz is an enjoyable toy that kids, as well as adults, will enjoy using. It’s easy to control, fast and comes packed with pretty neat tricks. For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend you use it in open space – you will be able to enjoy it more. It’s a robust and durable product that will provide the entire family with loads of fun. More importantly, it is safe yet fun. Enjoy the flexibility, ease of maneuverability, and outstanding design.


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